Tremco ExoAir 230

Tremco ExoAir 230

Tremco ExoAir 230

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ExoAir® 230 Fluid-Applied Synthetic Permeable Air Barrier Membrane is a monolithic, elastomeric membrane designed to be rolled or sprayed onto exterior above-grade wall assemblies to mitigate air infiltration/exfiltration and water penetration while remaining permeable to the passage of water vapor. It may also be used as a liquid-applied flashing, enabling the contractor to address both the membrane and flashing needs with a single material. __________________________________________________________________________________________ BASIC USES
ExoAir 230 is typically applied to exterior sheathing panels, concrete block, poured concrete, wood substrates, Nudura Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF), or insulated concrete forms, as an air and vapor permeable membrane. ExoAir 230 can be used with ExoAir 110, ExoAir 110AT, ExoAir 230 (and mesh) or Dymonic® 100 as liquid applied flashing to detail into the rough opening. __________________________________________________________________________________________


ExoAir 230 is a UV stable, seamless, monolithic membrane that creates a fully adhered air barrier when properly installed.
• The ability to roller or spray apply the material affords the contractor the ability to accelerate installation times compared to
traditional self-adhered membrane systems.
• The high-performance properties of the ExoAir 230 membrane retard the migration of air and bulk water but allow water vapor to pass through the membrane. As a result, vapor permeable systems like ExoAir 230 allow for more flexibility in the placement of the air barrier membrane in the wall design.
• ExoAir 230 is formulated for UV resistance providing the flexibility to install rainscreen systems with open joints or to allow the membrane to be exposed longer during the construction process.
• ExoAir 230 can be custom colored to meet all of your design needs.
• ExoAir 230 is specifically formulated for design options requiring assemblies that have been evaluated for NFPA 285.
• ExoAir 230 is an approved Water Resistive Barrier when applied to Nudura Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF), or insulated concrete forms.
__________________________________________________________________________________________ AVAILABILITY
ExoAir 230 is immediately available from your local Tremco Sales Representative or Distributor. For Distributor locations, visit __________________________________________________________________________________________ COVERAGE RATES
Exterior Sheathing or Insulated Concrete Forms: Minimum 48 wet mils (25 dry mils); 33 ft2/gal (3.07 M2/US gal) Porous Substrates: Minimum 70 wet mils (35 dry mils); 23 ft2/gal (2.13 M2/US gal)
Note: Above listed coverage rates are minimums, installing at a greater thickness is acceptable. For more information, please contact your Tremco Representative ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

5-gal (19-L) pails or 52-gal (197-L) drums

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