5 Surprising Uses of Custom Metal Products

5 Surprising Uses of Custom Metal Products

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The global metal and metal manufactured products market is set to be worth $18.5 trillion by 2030, with a CAGR of 5.2 percent. 

Figures like these show how vital metal is to the global economy and infrastructure. But beyond skyscrapers and bridges, metal products have many surprising custom applications. And for optimal efficiency, these applications usually demand custom metal products.

In the past, organizations considered custom metal beams and pipes too expensive. This meant that they often had to make do with mass-produced stock parts, leading to more waste and slower production times.  

Luckily, modern processes and technological advances have allowed metal fabricators to create custom metal building products in more efficient and cost-effective ways. But what are some uses for these custom metal products? Let's take a look at a few surprising ones!

1. Children's Playgrounds

You might never have thought about it while pushing your child on the swings or watching them climb. But a lot of planning, design, and production goes into children's playgrounds. As well as all kinds of custom metal products. 

Some playground structures may include plastic and wooden parts. But it's custom sheet metal products, pipes, and the like that make up the bulk of most playground rides and structures. 

These metal structures provide smooth surfaces, perfecting for grabbing onto and sliding down. But metal also offers superior durability, no matter how many children jump and run around on it. And by using custom pieces in particular, playground designers can honor their original plans and ensure optimal safety, inclusivity, and ease of use in the process.

2. Stair Railings

Homeowners these days are becoming more aware of the aesthetic benefits and resilience of metallic touches. And as a result, we're seeing a range of custom metal products making their way into interior spaces. But beyond metallic sinks and wall art, it's metal stair railings that are coming into their own right now. 

Many styles of metal stair railings can give off an industrial feel. They also offer a weight and texture that's unmatched by traditional wooden railings. This is perfect for homes decorated in more minimalist or contemporary styles, where unusual custom metal stair railings can become the focal point of a paired-back hallway.  

That said, custom metal building products offer plenty of scope for different styles. For example, decorative railings could evoke design influences such as Art Deco, Art Nouveau, or Mid-Century Modern. 

3. Custom Business Signs

Adding new signage to your business establishment is a great way to boost its curb appeal

Whether you run a bar, a store, or another kind of small business, updating your signs shows that you care about your image. This then inspires customers to do the same. Or, if you're rebranding or diversifying, new flat bar metal signs are ideal for getting people's attention and making a statement. 

It can be especially helpful to choose custom metal business signs here as you're more likely to get the exact design you want. Custom sheet metal products make it easier to produce 3D signs, industry-specific signage, or anything else that's impossible to find when searching through mass-produced stock metal products. 

Going for a custom sign from an experienced smaller-scale provider also offers other advantages. For example, they can make recommendations about the best metals to use depending on whether your signs are for indoor or outdoor use. They'll also be able to work alongside you to help make your dream designs a reality, ensuring complete satisfaction and many years of ongoing business success!

4. Building Restoration

We can learn a lot from older buildings and the architectural features they make use of. As landmarks with significant cultural or historical value, it's important to preserve these old buildings. Not least because they help us maintain a connection to our past and the generations that came before us.

But older buildings can be at risk of decline, which is where building restoration comes in. Unlike new construction projects, though, using mass-produced stock metal parts isn't always viable.

Restoration projects might involve updating an elevator or fitting new metal window frames. In these circumstances, custom metal products offer the ideal solution. Through customization, restoration experts can maintain the same style and design details throughout. 

5. Garden Screens

Garden additions such as pergolas are gaining popularity among those keen to maximize their outdoor spaces. But while these structures are often made from wood, there are plenty of benefits to adding metal screens to your garden design. 

Elaborate garden screens are perfect for defining your yard into specific zones. Or you could even use them to create a private nook without cutting off the airflow. What's more, custom metallic screens make a dramatic statement that works as a decorative piece as well as a way to provide some much-needed shade.  

Garden screens tend to include a border made from metal pipes or flat bar metal structures. The central section is then often made from custom sheet metal products with laser-cut geometric designs and patterns. But, the beauty of ordering custom metal products for this project is that your garden screen can be exactly as you want it. 

Using Custom Metal Products 

As this list shows, there are all kinds of ways to use custom metal products, whether that's in the home, for businesses, or within the wider community. 

For those of you with projects lined up but without the right metal products to complete them, be sure to place a custom order with us here at Shop Metal Pros. Because when you can't find what you need, you can entrust us to make it for you.  

Have a question or query about our custom metal building products or construction accessories? If so, feel free to contact us today for more information. 

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