5/32" X 14" E7018 H4 R Hobart® 418 Carbon Steel Electrodes 50 lb

5/32" X 14" E7018 H4 R Hobart® 418 Carbon Steel Electrodes 50 lb

5/32" X 14" E7018 H4 R Hobart® 418 Carbon Steel Electrodes 50 lb


Item Details

  • Hobart® 418 Hermetically Sealed Container Carbon Steel Electrode is an all position, low hydrogen electrode used to produce virtually spatter free, smooth, good stable arc with start and restart capability in addition by featuring good wetting action along with low moisture absorption rate. 5/32" Electrode is ideal for single as well as multiple pass, DCEP, AC and comes with slag design that makes removal easier features flat bead contour with a fine ripple appearance that eliminates the need of undercutting and cold lap. Electrode meets AWS E7018-1 requirements with the specifications tensile strength of 78500 psi and yield strength of about 65500 psi and has good weldability with no porosity used to weld with low, medium, high-carbon steels with low-alloy structural and can be used to weld even when welding surface is dirty or rusty. Electrode is employed in various applications like rail cars, steel structures/field erections, shipbuilding/barge offshore drilling rigs and power, petrochemical, boiler plants by minimizing the potential for hydrogen cracking that enhances productivity. Electrode is perfect for general fabrication/maintenance, heavy equipment fabrication as well as repair, non-alloyed and fine grain steels and is compatible with Fabshield® tubular wires. Electrode is sold as a 50 lb hermetically sealed container.


  • Effortless starts
  • Low moisture absorption rate
  • Very stable arc with low spatter
  • Good wetting action
  • Easy slag removal


  • AWS A5.1: 2004
  • AWS A5.1M: 2004
  • ASME SFA 5.1
  • Tensile Strength - 78


  • Power, petrochemical and boiler plants
  • Rail cars
  • Steel structures and field erections
  • Shipbuilding and structural work
  • General purpose fabrication and maintenance welding
  • Non alloyed and fine grain steels
  • Heavy equipment fabrication and repair


  • WARNING! - Avoid breathing welding fumes and gases, they may be dangerous to your health
  • Always use adequate ventilation
  • Always use appropriate personal protective equipment

Product Attributes

AWS Classification

» E7018 H4 R
» E7018-1 H4 R


» 5/32"


» 50 lb

Trade Name

» Hobart® 418

Electrode Length

» 14"

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