DWS Surface Applied AlertTile 24”x48”

DWS Surface Applied AlertTile 24”x48”
DWS Surface Applied AlertTile 24”x48”

DWS Surface Applied AlertTile 24”x48”


AlertTile is a glass reinforced thermoset composite engineered for superior impact resistance, slip resistance, wear resistance and long-term durability for retrofit applications. The AlertTile exclusive design incorporates a thin, slightly flexible profile with a perimeter beveled edge to provide a safe pedestrian transition.

Semi-rigid composition
30,000 psi strength yet flexible enough to conform to ramp irregularities

Premium UV Treatment
Ensures long term color retention

Proven Anchoring System
Premium adhesive and HILTI HUD-1 anchors with stainless steel screws

Perimeter Beveled Edges
For safe pedestrian transition


AlertTile® Truncated Domes are designed to comply with ADA standards.
  1. Reinforced thermoset composite engineered for excellent wear and strength.
  2. Safety-speckled surface for additional slip resistance.
  3. Cross section of truncated dome showing dimensions.
  4. Perimeter beveled-edge provides safe transition for pedestrians.
  5. Superior durability for long-term wear resistance.
  6. In-line domes spaced on exact 2.4″ centers (A.D.A. 4.29.2)
  7. Pre-drilled anchor holes speed installation.
  8. Exact required detectable warning length.
  9. Exact required detectable warning width.
  10. Premium Hilti HUD-1 anchors and stainless steel screws.

alerttile® Detectable Warning Specification Sheet

Property ASTM Standard Result
Slip Resistance C 1028 Dry .93 / Wet .76
Impact Resistance D 256 8.0 Izod ft-ibs / in (notch)
Adhesion Bond Strength C 482 152 psi
UV Resistance – Fade Cap Y (LVR) Brick Red 5-15 Safety Yellow 25-50
Water Absorption 0.3 – 0.6%
Compression Strength D 695 30,000 psi
Flexural Strength D 790 18,000 psi
Tensile Strength 1/8″ D 638 9,000 psi
Color Integral Throughout Product Yes
Dome Height 0.2″ Yes
Dome Base Width 0.9″ Yes
Dome Top Diameter 0.45″ Yes
Dome Spacing 2.4″ Center-to-Center
UL Flammability UL 94 V-0 94V-0@3/32″
Flame Resistance Seconds
Ignition Time
Gurning Time
D-229 120
Flame Spread Index, 1/4″ E84 ‹25
Freeze-Thaw Durability C 1262-08



alerttile® Product Contents

  • One AlertTile detectable warning panel (qty. 1)
  • Hilti HUD-1 anchors and stainless steel screws
  • One-part BASF NP-1 Sealant / Adhesive (qty. 1)

Tools and Equipment Needed

  • One AlertTile detectable warning panel
  • Hammer drill with 5/16” x 3” carbide tip masonry bit
  • AlertTile adhesive / sealant (BASF NP-1)
  • AlertTile sleeve anchors
  • Caulking gun and sealant edging tool
  • Broom
  • Masking tape or duct tape
  • Concrete Grinder
  • Acetone cleaner

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