Elocone Nuts/ Plate Washers

Elocone Nuts/ Plate Washers

Elocone Nuts/ Plate Washers



Elocones are elongated nuts that can be used when an anchor rod doesn’t project high enough above the concrete foundation to attach a regular nut. By machining a piece of high-strength steel into two different sections, this special nut can attach to a shortened anchor rod.

 The upper section resembles a standard nut that attaches to the column base or washer plate, while the lower section has a smaller diameter and fits the oversized hole of the base plate to screw  on enough threads of the anchor rod.

 To develop the tension capacity of an anchor made of steel. The Elocone nuts must be fastened to the anchor rod for a length equal to the diameter of the rod.



Elocone nuts and Elocone plate washers are sold seperately. 

Standard Elocone nuts come with standard threads. Note that galvanized anchors require special Elocone nuts that have oversized threads which are not available in stock. The production of special Elocone nuts takes 4 to 6 weeks. 

Standard Elocone plate washers are designed according to the minimum recommendations of the AISC Design Guide 1. It is the responsibility of the Engineer of Record to design the Elocone plate washers according to the applicable loads.

All Elocone nuts and Elocone plate washers are unfinished steel (no paint or galvanized finishes are currently available)



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