Hilti B22 4.0 22V Adv. Compact Battery

Hilti B22 4.0 22V Adv. Compact Battery

Hilti B22 4.0 22V Adv. Compact Battery



B22v 4.0 Adv compact battery #2183182
  • High-performance compact battery for all Hilti 22V tools providing the optimal balance between run time and ergonomics
  • Includes Hilti Cordless Power Care (CPC) technology – on-board processors monitor each battery cell to deliver more reliable, consistent and longer-lasting power on your jobsites
  • Fully sealed electronics for increased protection against dust, humidity and water
  • Rubberized, glass-fiber reinforced casing – up to four times more resistant to damage from dropping and twice as resistant to extreme temperatures than standard ABS plastic
  • Casing designed to cool the battery to the ideal temperature for faster charging and reduce overload during application
  • Working in tight spaces where high performance in compact dimensions is a priority
  • Compatible with all Hilti 18V and 22V cordless tools
  • Compatible with all Hilti C4/36 Li-Ion chargers
  • Applications in extreme temperature conditions – from 60° C (140° F) down to -17° C (1.4° F)


B22v 4.0 Adv compact battery #2183182
Weight: 1.5 lb.
Dimensions (LxWxH): 5.4 x 3.8 x 2.4 in
Working temperature range: 1 - 140 °F

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